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· 5 min read
James Stuart

What is Conductor

Conductor is a workflow orchestration engine that connects all of your microservices together to create fully functional workflows that can run at scale. Each workflow is comprised of tasks. Tasks can be System Tasks, these are provided by Conductor, or Custom Tasks which are called Workers. These workers can be written in any language - from Conductor's point of view - data goes in, and results come out - the language that processes the data is irrelevant.

Workflows are defined in JSON and Tasks are defined in JSON. Workflows can be composed of other workflows. The way I see it everything is just data.

Clojure is a functional programming language that runs on the JVM, with really interesting features, that match really well with the way I understand Conductor. Workflows and tasks are "just data" and Clojure programs are "just data"

In the POST I want to show you how you can create tasks, workflows and run Clojure workers, with just data.