Orkes Announces New Integration with AWS Bedrock: Unlocking Enhanced AI Capabilities for AI Orchestration

Kevin Roy
Head of Product Marketing
July 02, 2024
Reading Time: 2 mins

We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our line of LLM/AI integrations: an integration with Amazon Bedrock! This strategic partnership with AWS aims to combine the robust workflow orchestration capabilities of Orkes with the advanced generative AI services offered by Amazon Bedrock, opening up new horizons for businesses to streamline operations and leverage artificial intelligence like never before.

Learn how to take your GenAI applications from proof-of-concept to production in the upcoming webinar by AWS x Orkes.

What is Amazon Bedrock?

Amazon Bedrock is a fully managed service that allows developers to build and scale generative AI applications with ease. It provides access to powerful foundation models from Amazon and leading AI companies like AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Mistral AI, Stability AI, and more, facilitating the creation of custom AI solutions tailored to specific business needs. With Bedrock, users can deploy applications that generate text, images, and other data formats, answering questions or providing summarization, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of industries.

How does the integration work?

Much like our integrations with other leading AI/LLM providers, Orkes makes it simple to access your choice of models. These can then be natively used as building blocks in your application, whether to do a text-complete task in response to a prompt or to generate embeddings for text or documents that can then be stored in a vector database. Any integrations added to your Orkes Conductor cluster can be managed through the granular role-based access control capabilities Orkes provides. Check out our blog post for more information about our integrations with other LLMs and vector DBs.

Screenshot of Orkes Conductor Integration screen, showing all the AI / LLM integrations available.
Easily add integrations to your AI/LLM provider of choice and access any model in Orkes Conductor.

Why use the Amazon Bedrock integration?

Enhanced Decision-Making: With Amazon Bedrock's generative AI models, you can utilize advanced data analysis and predictive insights, enabling smarter decision-making within workflows. This means businesses can more effectively anticipate market trends, customer behaviors, and operational challenges.

Automated Content Generation: The integration allows for the automatic generation of content, such as reports, summaries, and documentation, based on real-time data processed by Orkes workflows. This reduces the manual effort required for content creation and ensures accuracy and consistency.

Personalized Customer Experiences: Leveraging AI models from Amazon Bedrock, Orkes can help businesses deliver highly personalized customer interactions. By analyzing customer data and preferences, workflows can be tailored to provide individualized services and recommendations, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Learn more

The Amazon Bedrock integration is now available to enterprise customers. Along with this integration, be sure to check out the rest of the integrations within Orkes in our documentation. Curious to learn more about Orkes? Check out our 14-day free trial or sign up via the AWS Marketplace.

Additionally, please take a moment to sign up for our joint webinar with AWS on how to take GenAI applications from POC to production — happening 30th July 2024. You won’t want to miss it!

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