Introducing Our New Self-Service Plan for Orkes Cloud

Kevin Roy
Head of Product Marketing
June 05, 2024
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Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new 14-day free trial and self-service option for our customers. This option enables developers, architects, and engineering teams to get immediate access to Orkes Conductor and Orkes Cloud.

Why are we doing this?

We have been onboarding customers of all types and sizes but as our volume increases, we have to ensure those interested in Orkes can get access to the platform as fast as possible. In addition to expediting this process, the new Enterprise Base plan will give all types and sizes of teams and businesses an opportunity to trial and utilize the full power of Orkes Cloud and customize pricing plans based on their needs and budgets.

New Enterprise Base plan and Enterprise Add-Ons

The new Enterprise Base plan will allow customers to sign up for a free trial and immediately get access to a provisioned Orkes Conductor cluster. Additionally, customers can customize their Enterprise plan with Enterprise Add-Ons to increase the power, functionality, and capacity of their Conductor clusters.

  • The Free Trial is a 14-day trial in which customers get access to a full list of features that are otherwise not included in the Enterprise Base plan. Customers are not required to input a credit card to initiate the trial.
  • The Enterprise Base plan is a base-level plan starting at $695/month billed annually. Customers can upgrade their plan with add-ons at any point during their contract on the Orkes Cloud Platform.
  • Enterprise Add-Ons are available at a custom price point depending on the types of add-ons they choose. Add-ons consist of both additional features as well as upgrades to cluster sizes and number of users.
Infographic showing the 14-day Free Trial, the Enterprise Base plan, and the Enterprise Add-Ons, such as advanced analytics, enterprise support, cluster size upgrades, role-based access control, single sign-on, hosting customizations, extended execution history, and more.
The Enterprise Base plan includes fully managed Orkes Conductor clusters in any geographic location and can be upgraded with Add-Ons.

Below are some of the important features and add-ons available with the Free Trial, Enterprise Base plan, and Enterprise Add-Ons.

Features and capabilities of Enterprise

Conductor OSS: All Enterprise plans come with the features and functionalities of Conductor OSS.

Orkes Workflow Visual UI: Visually define workflows, write code in any language with supported SDKs, plug into existing APIs, and easily expose business functions as a worker process.

Scheduler: Execute workflows at a prescribed cadence (for example, once every 10 seconds, once a month, at 4pm daily) without needing an external cron job.

SDK API Key: Get access to all of our SDKs.

Webhooks: Asynchronously signal waiting workflows or start new workflow executions using built-in webhooks for incoming calls.

Event Tasks and Handlers: Trigger events from your workflows to interface and share data from your execution with external systems like Kafka Topics.

Human Tasks: Trigger workflows based on state changes in an active human task. For example, automatically email the next assignee when an assignment is failed.

AI/LLM Tasks and AI Prompt Studio: Harness the power of Large Language Models easily into your app and enable collaborative AI application development to build and test prompts while securely sharing across teams.

Integrations: Orkes has integrations and SDKs with major applications and languages to make workflow and application development a seamless experience.

Infographic of integrations and SDKs available in Orkes Conductor. LLM/AI integrations: Azure Open AI, Open AI, Cohere, Google Vertex AI, Google Gemini AI, Anthropic Cloud, Mistral, Hugging Face, AWS Bedrock Anthropic, AWS Bedrock Cohere, AWS Bedrock Llama2, and AWS Bedrock Titan. Message broker integrations: AMQP, Amazon MSK, AWS SQS, Azure Service Bus, Confluent Kafka, Apache Kafka, NATS Messaging, GCP Pub Sub, and IBM MQ. RDBMS integrations: PostgreSQL. Vector database integrations: Pinecone, Weaviate. SDKs include Java, Python, CSharp, GoLand, Clojure, and Javascript.
Numerous integrations and SDKs are available with the Enterprise Base Plan.


  • Java
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Clojure
  • C Sharp
  • Javascript

And more to come…

Add-ons and upgrades

Secure Workflows: Package and reuse common functionalities across teams with Role-Based Access Control and securely store and retrieve sensitive information without exposing it in the UI or compromising authentication tokens.

Single Sign-On: Get Single Sign-On capabilities for your cluster, cloud portal, and additional user groups.

Governance: Get access to Audit Logs and Change Data capture to identify when changes were made and who made them.

Advanced Analytics: Get access to an advanced metrics dashboard, workflow heatmaps, Grafana dashboards, Prometheus endpoints, and more.

Custom Hosting Options: Orkes Hosted or Customer hosted options with your choice of cloud provider and region. Increased security measures like a dedicated VPC, private link, and VPC peering.

Cluster Size Expansions: Expand your cluster size to support your growth with room for additional users and an option for a dedicated, non-shared address space.

For a full list of features and comparisons, check out our new pricing page.

When we are rolling this out

Our new Enterprise Base plan and Add-Ons are officially live and available! Head to Orkes Cloud, create an account, and start building workflows and applications today. If you’re interested in our Enterprise Add-Ons or have additional questions, you can reach out to our sales team. As always, you can join our community to learn more and get involved.

We’re incredibly excited to launch this new plan and to give more teams and businesses the opportunity to experience the full potential and awesome power of Orkes Conductor and Orkes Cloud.

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