Evolving the Conductor Open Source and the Conductor Community

Viren Baraiya
December 13, 2023
Reading Time: 2 mins

We're thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter for the Conductor open source project. As many of you know, Netflix has been the driving force behind Conductor, and Orkes–started by the original engineering team at Netflix that built and open-sourced Conductor–has been an active contributor and steward for this community. Starting today, Orkes will be taking more ownership over the future and direction of Conductor OSS in close collaboration with its open-source community.

A History of Fast Growth and Enduring Popularity

Conductor has been a hub of activity and innovation for almost 7 years. It's clear that this project has captured the imagination and dedication of a massive, growing community, with:

  • Tens of thousands of developers
  • Over 1,000 companies relying on Conductor
  • 12,000+ GitHub stars

What’s Next for Conductor OSS

The community’s innovation roadmap for Conductor is well aligned with the broader needs of the various developers and organizations that constitute this community. This is distinct from the roadmap Netflix has for its growing internal usage and expansion of Conductor which is primarily aligned to its company-level objectives. Now that Netflix is officially stepping back from maintenance of the project to focus on its internal Conductor fork, Orkes is committed to stewarding Conductor OSS and its active community going forward.

Orkes has always prioritized the community’s needs when looking at the OSS roadmap for Conductor and we are doubling down on this commitment by establishing the Conductor OSS repository https://github.com/conductor-oss/conductor. Anyone using Conductor from the old repository can now point to the new repository for continuity in their open source Conductor usage.

We are excited to work in partnership with the broader community to ensure that Conductor continues to thrive and this new chapter for Conductor OSS reflects the collective vision of this thriving community. This isn't just a continuation of an existing project; it's also an acceleration of innovation with the community's interests at its core.

Community at the Heart

The roadmap for Conductor will now be firmly informed by those who use and love it: the open source community. We're committed to ensuring that the future development of Conductor is aligned with what you, the community, need and want.

A Call to Action: Be an Active member and a Steward of Conductor Open Source

If you haven’t already, please join the community discussions in the Conductor OSS Slack space to connect with and learn from other community members.

We believe in a community where every voice matters. That's why we're inviting members of the Conductor community to take on a more active role. We're looking for stewards – committed individuals who will have commit rights and help us shape the project's future. Your involvement will be key to the success of Conductor OSS. If you're passionate about Conductor and open source, we need your ideas, your expertise, and your energy - please let us know you are interested.

We're excited to see where we can go together. Let's build something extraordinary together!

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