Orkes Monthly Highlights - December 2023

Riza Farheen
Developer Advocate
December 22, 2023
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Welcome to the December edition of Orkes Monthly Highlights.

December closes the 2023 chapter as a very intense year for the Conductor developer community. Contributions, hackathons, and participation in numerous developer conferences, we have been delighted to meet and exchange with developers throughout the year. As today Conductor starts a new era with its new home, the community is more active and engaged than ever.

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Let's quickly dive into the events from December 2023 and get an exclusive glimpse of what January 2024 has in store.

Community Updates

A New Home for Conductor OSS

We have some exciting updates to our Conductor Community regarding the future of Conductor OSS.

Starting December 13, 2023, Orkes assumed a more prominent role in stewarding the Conductor OSS project. This transition comes as Netflix refocuses its efforts on its internal Conductor fork. Read our official announcement blog for more details.

Conductor OSS now has a new home, and Orkes will continue facilitating collaboration across the active open-source community. Send PRs directly to this repo and check the contribution guidelines of Conductor.

Recap of December 2023 Events

APIDays Paris

Dec 7, 2023: Paris, France

We had an incredible time at the APIDays Paris on Dec 7, 2023. Our Head of DevRel, Olivier Poupeney, delivered an insightful session on the groundbreaking impact of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) across diverse applications.

The session delved into a practical demonstration showcasing the application of RAG in automating market data within the financial services industry. Olivier provided a live demo highlighting the latest advancements in Gen AI capabilities integrated into Orkes Conductor.

In case you missed it, the recording is now available.

Microservices and Orkes Conductor Meetup Paris

Dec 8, 2023: Paris, France

The second edition of the Microservices and Orkes Conductor Meetup in Paris occurred on Dec 8, 2023. The event showcased insightful sessions by industry experts, offering attendees valuable opportunities to network and learn.

Featured speakers included Daniel Phiri from Weaviate, Clément Aubert from Product Live, and Olivier Poupeney from Orkes. The meetup was a blend of fun and information, fostering connections and engagement within the Paris tech community.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us. Your active participation made it an exceptional event filled with enlightening discussions, groundbreaking insights, and unparalleled networking opportunities.

Orkes x Netflix | Conductor Meetup

Dec 13, 2023: Virtual

Co-organized by Orkes and Netflix Engineering, the Conductor Meetup for Q4 was hosted virtually on Dec 13, 2023. We were privileged to have Ankit Agarwal from Fynarfin, & Viren Baraiya, and Olivier Poupeney from Orkes as featured speakers.

The meetup started with Viren’s talk on building event-driven distributed applications with Conductor.

It was followed by Ankit’s talk on how Mifos implemented a Digital Payment Goods (DPG) Compliant for orchestrating their microservice-driven Payment Hub.

Finally, the meetup concluded with Olivier’s session on AI-enabled Orchestration and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

Join our Upcoming Events

Virtual Conductor Meetup

Jan 9, 2024: Virtual

The first virtual meetup of the year is scheduled for Jan 9, 2024, from 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM PT. This meetup is an opportunity to dive deep into the potential of Conductor. We have a great panel of industry experts lined up to share their expertise and knowledge on how they are using Conductor to build their scalable, resilient, and distributed platforms.

FOSS Overflow

Dec 16, 2023 - Feb 10, 2024: Bhilai, India

Join us at FOSS Overflow, a month-long hackathon from Dec 16, 2023 - Feb 10, 2024, at IIT Bhilai, India, organized by OpenLake and GDSC IIT Bhilai. This program aims to introduce students to the realm of open-source by guiding them through the creation of real-world open-source projects with the support of experienced mentors.

dojo.live Tech Talk

Jan 10, 2024: Virtual

Join our CTO and co-founder, Viren Baraiya, at dojo.live on Jan 10, 2024, at 10:00 AM PT for an exclusive session on the incredible potential of integrating Gen AI capabilities into your applications!

TechHacks Hackathon

Jan 19-21, 2024: Punjab, India

Orkes is teaming up with Techacks 4.0 for an amazing hackathon from Jan 19 - 21, 2024, at Chitkara University, Punjab, India. Engage with a vibrant community of hackers, collaborate on innovative projects, and unleash your creativity in a supportive and inspiring environment. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and create something extraordinary.


Jan 19-21, 2024: Indore, India

In January 2024, be part of an exciting 36-hour in-person hackathon, HackHive, taking place from Jan 19-21 in Indore, India. HackHive is organized by TechHunterssss, a community fostering unity among tech enthusiasts. Its goal is to create a space where individuals passionate about technology can converge, learn, network, interact, and share experiences, cultivating their tech interests in a community-driven environment.

HackNITR Hackathon

Jan 27, 2024: Odisha, India

We are excited to partner with HackNITR 5.0, one of the largest student-run hackathons in India. Hop on the bandwagon and join us on Jan 27, 2024, at NIT Rourkela, Odisha, India. It’s an incredible opportunity put forward by tech enthusiasts from the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) - NIT Rourkela, and OpenCode. Let your creativity soar, collaborate, and craft innovative solutions for an unforgettable experience. Exciting prizes await - reserve your spot now.

Hack This Fall Hackathon

Feb 9-11, 2024: Gujarat, India

This February 2024, we are excited to partner with Hack This Fall Hackathon Season 4 for a 36-hour in-person coding challenge from Feb 9-11, 2024 at Karnavati University BBA New campus, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

This hackathon aims to foster a beginner-friendly environment where people of diverse backgrounds can collaborate and create meaningful projects with Orkes Conductor. Orkes team will be there to help you kickstart and build exciting projects with Conductor. Exclusive prizes await the winners. Block your seats now.

Latest Resources

Recent Blog Posts

Opsgenie Alerting with Orkes Conductor

In the realm of SaaS and SLAs, maintaining a solid commitment to stringent uptime standards is critical. For instance, ensuring a mandated 98% application uptime requires swift detection and mitigation of downtime. Orkes Conductor, coupled with Opsgenie, swiftly addresses these needs, ensuring adherence to SLA commitments by promptly detecting and resolving application downtime and strengthening the provider-client relationship.

Community Spotlight

Using Conductor OSS for Orchestrating DPG Compliant Payment Hub - Ankit Agarwal

This month, we would like to spotlight one of our community members, Ankit Agarwal from OpenMF, on leveraging Conductor OSS (formerly Netflix Conductor) to orchestrate the Payment Hub to be Digital Public Goods (DPG) Compliant. Read the article to learn how OpenMF opted for Conductor OSS (formerly Netflix Conductor) to orchestrate their microservice-based Payment Hub.

Like Ankit, if you would like to share your innovation based on Conductor with the community, please reach out to us at devrel@orkes.io.

Wishing everyone joyous holidays filled with warmth and cheer!!!

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