Tech Talks & Networking - Insights from Orkes Bangalore Meetup

Riza Farheen
Developer Advocate
May 31, 2023
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In April 2023, we kick-started the “Orkes Dev Meetup", a series of in-person events held in diverse global cities dedicated to Microservices and Distributed Applications.

Orkes Meetup at Bangalore

In collaboration with Google Developers, our first in-person event of the year was held at Google RMZ Infinity, Bengaluru, India, on 30th April 2023. The Microservices and Distributed Application meetup feature enlightened sessions from Industry and Conductor experts on building distributed applications and showcasing the impact on their app development journey.

Uniting software engineers, architects, and tech leaders under one roof, this event served as a catalyst for meaningful discussions surrounding the intricacies of building scalable and robust applications. Our team had an incredible opportunity to connect and collaborate with our vibrant community.

If you couldn’t participate in this remarkable event, fret not! We have curated the key takeaways and highlights just for you!

About Microservices & Distributed Applications Meetup

Microservices & Distributed Applications Meetup is focused on bringing together passionate developers interested in or already building distributed applications using microservices. We were thrilled to have a strong turnout with 90 enthusiastic participants who came together to exchange ideas, expand their professional networks, and get deeper insights into microservices and distributed applications. We were extremely overwhelmed with the pool of participants, comprising a diverse group ranging from Summer Interns to Senior Staff Engineers from prominent organizations such as Intel, Cisco, IBM, Rakuten, Microsoft, Wipro, Salesforce, and more.

The meetup included a series of talks featuring prominent personalities from the industry. We were fortunate to have Joinal Ahmed from Google, Bimal Gupta from Cimpress, and Manan Bhatt from Orkes as our esteemed speakers.

The event commenced with Sangeeta Gupta, Community Programs Manager at Orkes, delivering an introduction to Conductor. Viren Baraiya, CTO at Orkes, also provided a virtual welcome note. The first session from Joinal Ahmed, AI Consultant at Google, covered the core concepts of microservices and their applications. He also explored various architectural approaches such as monolith, microlith & modulith. Furthermore, Joinal’s talk also covered some basic functionalities within Google Cloud, such as Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Run, etc.

It was followed by the session from Manan Bhatt, Founding Engineer at Orkes. He delivered an informative talk on Building Distributed Applications using Conductor. Manan’s talk provided valuable insights into the basics of distributed systems, event-driven architecture, and strategies to prevent distributed monolith & highlighted how Orkes Conductor could be a go-to solution for app development.

The concluding session of the meetup featured Bimal Gupta, Senior Software Engineer at Cimpress Technology. Bimal’s session covered the practical implementation of Conductor, showcasing how its adoption revolutionized the Cimpress team’s workflow by significantly reducing the time and effort spent on monitoring and executing business processes.

Captured Moments

To keep up the community spirit, engaging ice-smashing sessions were organized, where the attendees were passionately involved in tasks and actively connected with each other.

Here’s what they have shared about us!

One of our community members poured his learnings from the session into a fantastic article. Check out Microservices and Distributed Applications Meetup | Orkes | Netflix Conductor.

And that’s a wrap to our first in-person meetup of the year! 👏👏👏

Our DevRel team was highly impressed with the positive outcome of the meetup, and we are thrilled to announce that we are planning for more in-person events in prominent cities. Stay tuned for further event updates from Orkes. 🔊🔊🔊

Meanwhile, don’t forget to give us a star on our Conductor repo! 🌟🌟🌟

Join our Slack community to stay in the loop with Orkes! See you’ll for our next meetup!

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