Orkes Monthly Highlights - June 2023

Riza Farheen
Developer Advocate
June 30, 2023
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Welcome to the June edition of Orkes Monthly Highlights.

Let's jump right into all the exciting product and event updates from Orkes in June 2023.

What’s new in Orkes Conductor?


We are excited to announce the addition of JDBC tasks in Orkes Conductor. A JDBC task is a System task that executes SQL queries in databases like MySQL. It can be leveraged to store, retrieve or modify data in a database. Learn more.

Enabling Permissions for Domains through Applications / Groups

The latest Orkes Conductor version allows you to provide explicit permissions for domains through applications or groups. While creating an application/group and enabling permissions, you can choose the “Domain” sub-tab and include the domains with the required permission level.

Upcoming Events

Orkes/Conductor Developer Meetup - New York

July 19, 2023: New York, USA

Join us for our upcoming Conductor-Developer Meetup, which will be held in New York on July 19, 2023, from 4.30 PM - 7:00 PM EDT. Join us as we gather passionate Conductor users and developers who are interested or already building distributed applications using microservices. Learn from experts on how Conductor can be used to build your scalable distributed applications. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Microservices & Distributed Applications Meetup - Singapore

Aug 4, 2023: Singapore

Excited to share our next Microservices and Distributed Applications Meetup, which will be held in partnership with Microsoft at 182 Cecil St, #13-01, Singapore, on August 4, 2023, from 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM Singapore time. This exciting event features a line-up of talks by industry experts who will share their insights on the challenges, best practices, and tools for building scalable and resilient applications. Feel free to ping us on our Slack community channel to learn more about the meetup.

June 2023 Events

[Webinar] How Foxtel Accelerates Microservices and Workflow Orchestration

June 27, 2023: Virtual

One of the most exciting happenings for the month was the launch of our webinar series, where we featured how Foxtel, Australia’s leading prominent streaming media company, leveraged Orkes Conductor and Orkes Cloud to expedite the development and scaling of distributed applications.

The line-up of speakers included Thisara Alawala, Lead Architect, & Abhijit Kottur, Principal Java Developer at Foxtel, along with Viren Baraiya, CTO & Olivier Poupeney, Head of DevRel at Orkes.

The webinar provided industry professionals, technology enthusiasts, and avid learners an excellent opportunity to delve into cutting-edge advancements in distributed application development and scaling.

QCon New York

June 13-15, 2023: New York, USA

We were delighted to be part of the 9th annual QCon New York in June 2023. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with customers, learn more about their needs and forge new partnerships. During his talk at the event, our CTO, Viren Baraiya, shed light on the immense potential of Orkes Conductor in building resilient applications. We would like to thank everyone who visited us at QCon New York, and we look forward to continuing the conversations!

Orkes at QCon New York

Orkes Team at QCon New York

Developer Week Latin America

June 21, 2023: Virtual

We were part of Latin America’s largest developer and engineering conference, Developer Week, where our CTO, Viren Baraiya, was featured as a keynote speaker. In the keynote session, Viren shared insights on how our product Orkes Conductor can accelerate the speed of developing microservice-based applications.

Mumbai Meetup

June 24, 2023: Mumbai, India

Our second edition of the Meetup series took place in Mumbai, India, in collaboration with the Azure Developer Community. It was an excellent platform for all tech enthusiasts interested in microservices and distributed applications. The day was filled with networking opportunities and valuable learning experiences centered around microservices architecture and the transformative power of Orkes Conductor in application development.

We were fortunate to have Ashish Tiwari, Senior Developer Advocate at Elastic, Manan Bhatt, Founding Engineer at Orkes, and Altaf Alam Ansari, Software Engineer at Orkes, as the speakers. Their expertise and insights made it a remarkable day for all attendees, fostering connections and meaningful engagement among the tech community in India.

Interface by APIDays

June 28, 2023: Virtual

We wrapped up June with the participation in Interface by APIDays, where our Head of DevRel, Olivier Poupeney, shared insights on creating resilient distributed applications using Orkes Conductor. APIDays Interface was a platform to learn from the best about Business Models, Security & Identity Management, Digital Transformation, Microservices Architecture, and more.

Orkes in Spotlight

Listen to the latest episode of the Contributor Podcast featuring our CEO, Jeu George, as he shares invaluable insights on the journey from co-creating Netflix Conductor to being the CEO of Orkes.

Click the link below to get the complete episode.

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