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A JDBC task is a system task used to execute or store information in MySQL.


"name": "jdbc_test",
"description": "Edit or extend this sample workflow. Set the workflow name to get started",
"version": 1,
"tasks": [
"name": "jdbc_task",
"taskReferenceName": "jdbc_task",
"inputParameters": {
"connectionId": "",
"statement": "",
"parameters": [],
"type": "SELECT"
"type": "JDBC",

Input Parameters

connectionIdProvide the connection ID to establish a connection with the SQL database.

For example: postgres://postgres@localhost/testdb
statementProvide the SQL statement to retrieve data from the SQL database.

An example statement would be SELECT * FROM tableName WHERE id=?, a query used to retrieve data from a table in a database. Replace tableName with the table name from which you want to retrieve data.
typeIndicates the SQL statement type. It can take 2 values, SELECT or UPDATE.

  • SELECT - Used to retrieve data from a database.
  • UPDATE - Used to modify existing data from the database.
    • expectedUpdateCount - If you have chosen ‘UPDATE’ as the statement type, provide the number of rows you need to update in the database.
parametersProvide the query parameters to be bound with the SQL statement. It can be a string, number, boolean, or null.


  1. Add task type JDBC.
  2. Provide the Connection ID.
  3. Choose the Statement Type.
  4. Provide the SQL statement & Query parameters.

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