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Netflix Conductor C# SDK

The conductor-csharp repository provides the client SDKs to build task workers in C#.

Building the task workers in C# mainly consists of the following steps:

  1. Setup conductor-csharp package
  2. Create and run task workers
  3. Create workflows using code
  4. API Documentation

Setup Conductor C# Package​

dotnet add package conductor-csharp


Authentication Settings (Optional)

Configure the authentication settings if your Conductor server requires authentication.

  • keyId: Key for authentication.
  • keySecret: Secret for the key.
authenticationSettings: new OrkesAuthenticationSettings(
KeyId: "key",
KeySecret: "secret"

Access Control Setup

See Access Control for more details on role-based access control with Conductor and generating API keys for your environment.

Configure API Client

OrkesApiClient GetApiClient(string basePath, string keyId, string keySecret)
return new OrkesApiClient(
configuration: new Configuration()
BasePath = basePath
authenticationSettings: new OrkesAuthenticationSettings(
keyId, keySecret

OrkesApiClient apiClient = GetApiClient(
basePath: "",
keyId: "key",
keySecret: "secret"
WorkflowResourceApi workflowClient = apiClient.GetClient<WorkflowResourceApi>();

name: "test-sdk-csharp-workflow",
body: new Dictionary<string, object>(),
version: 1

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