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📄️ Video Processing Workflows

Video processing refers to the process of optimizing video files from one format to another to suit different devices/platforms. The format/quality/size of the videos to deliver varies depending on the business requirements. If the video is streaming among different types of devices, such as mobile phones or TVs, the video's bitrate should be different. The look and feel of viewing videos also vary with the device models, operating systems, etc. It can also help improve the video's quality by converting it to different codecs or formats.

📄️ Document Classification

The process of manual document classification is a daunting task for organizations that costs them time and resources and often results in human errors. Manual document classification is not just time-consuming; it's a drain on resources that could be better utilized elsewhere. The cost of human hours dedicated to sifting through documents, identifying types, and categorizing them accurately is a significant burden. Not to mention the inherent risk of human error, which can lead to misclassifications, data discrepancies, and subsequent operational challenges.