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Conductor Documentation

New to Conductor?

Discover the possibilities with Orkes Conductor - build microservices, hybrid apps, long-running workflows, and mission-critical applications with high reliability.
Start by setting up your clusterbuild your first workflow  and continue through our getting started guide to learn the basics of Conductor. Continue your journey by walking through the developer guides.

Works in your language, with your framework

What can Conductor do?

Here are some of the key features we can do with Orkes Conductor platform:
Create Workflows
Branch Your Flows
Run Loops
Parallelize Your Tasks
Run Your Tasks Externally
Use Built In Tasks
Handle Errors & Failures
Integrate With Applications
Debug Visually
Collaborate Securely
Run In The Cloud

Use Cases

Microservices Orchestration
API Orchestration
Data Pipeline Orchestration
Orchestrate Human Flows
Event Driven Orchestration

Video Library

Introduction to Orkes Conductor

How to Login to Orkes Conductor Playground

How to get an Access Key & Secret

How to run Workflows

How to configure and manage Applications

How to configure and manage Users