Announcing Initial Release of New Conductor OSS Repository

Olivier Poupeney
Head of DevRel
January 21, 2024
Reading Time: 2 mins

This week, Orkes announced the availability of the initial release of Conductor OSS. This is the inaugural release since we took ownership of the future and direction of Conductor’s community version.

This first release (tagged as v3.16.0) of Conductor OSS marks a significant milestone in Orkes’s Open Source strategy. Member of CNCF, Linux Foundation, and more recently FINOS, having a seat at the FINOS’s technical oversight committee, we aim to not only nurture and grow the Conductor community but also interconnect it with complementary communities in order to empower open source-based innovations where Conductor can be a key architectural component.

The enthusiasm from developers around the world to contribute to this release and participate in the contribution effort demonstrates the strength of Conductor to become the leading Open-Source application orchestration platform.

The takeaways of this release are detailed below:

Updates in v3.16.0

Features & Enhancements

  • Spring boot 3 upgrade by @LuisLainez in #10.
  • Permissive Task Capability by @ivakoleva in #3: Introduced permissive task capability.
  • Added the task update API by reference name by @boney9 in #15.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix by @math29 in #4: Resolved an issue where the wrong unit was used in SetVariable error messages.
  • Typo Fix by @Young-Zen in #6: Corrected a typo in WorkflowTaskTypeConstraint.
  • Security Update by @scottcarter87 in #5: Addressed and resolved open vulnerabilities in Conductor.
  • Dependency Error Fix by @Young-Zen in #11: Fixed an Elasticsearch dependency error.
  • Bug fix by @haricane8133 in #7.

Build and Testing

  • Classifier Update by @s50600822 in #23: Updated the classifier in alignment with Gradle 5.1 changes.

Contributors - Our Community Stars

We extend a heartfelt thank you to our newest contributors, who have played a pivotal role in shaping this release:

Your dedication and hard work are truly appreciated. 🙌 Together, let's continue to push the boundaries and shape the future of Conductor.

Show Your Support

We invite you to express your support by starring our Conductor OSS repository on GitHub. Your stars fuel our motivation to innovate and grow.

Happy Coding!

As we celebrate this milestone, we're eager to see the incredible projects and innovations that will be powered by Conductor OSS. Happy coding to all our contributors, users, and the entire Conductor community!

To preview what's coming in the subsequent releases, check out our Conductor Roadmap.

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