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Don't miss out on our upcoming in-person meetup in Atlanta in partnership with AWS! Join a dynamic community of developers, software architects, and tech enthusiasts for a deep dive into the world of modern distributed applications with Conductor, the leading open-source orchestration platform. Mark your calendar now!

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Join us for our first in-person meetup in Seattle, in collaboration with AWS on Mar 05, 2024. Explore how Conductor drives modern distributed applications with insightful sessions on implementing durable application executions and developing GenAI-based solutions using Conductor and AWS. Don't miss this opportunity!

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Join us for our first Bay Area Meetup in partnership with AWS! It's a fantastic opportunity to be part of a dynamic community of developers, software architects, and tech enthusiasts. Explore the world of building modern distributed applications with Conductor, the leading open-source orchestration platform. We have an exciting lineup of speakers, including a few prominent industry experts. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity!

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We are excited to partner with HackNITR 5.0, one of the largest student-run hackathons in India. Hop on the bandwagon and join us from March 2-3, 2024, at NIT Rourkela, Odisha, India. It’s an incredible opportunity put forward by tech enthusiasts from the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) - NIT Rourkela, and OpenCode. Let your creativity soar, collaborate, and craft innovative solutions for an unforgettable experience. Exciting prizes await - reserve your spot now.

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Prepare to embark on an innovation voyage with Orkes at the DevIgnite Hackathon on 2nd - 3rd March in Mumbai, India. Join us in uniting tech enthusiasts from various backgrounds as we ignite a blaze of creativity and innovation in the heart of Navi Mumbai. Don't miss this opportunity to build exciting projects on Conductor!

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Get ready to power up your innovation and creativity at the 6th edition of Electrothon, set to electrify in March’24! This thrilling hackathon is your ultimate hub for acquiring new skills, networking with industry experts, and interacting with visionary leaders. Mark your calendars and seize the opportunity to be a part of this electrifying journey.

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Join us at HackHive, an exhilarating 36-hour in-person hackathon taking place from March 16-17 in Indore, India, organized by Techhunters. This event is a hub for tech enthusiasts, fostering a collaborative space for learning, networking, and experience-sharing. HackHive aims to unite passionate individuals, providing a platform to explore technology, cultivate skills, and build a vibrant community-driven environment. Don't miss out—reserve your spot now!

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March into coding excellence with Orkes and Hackhazards! Brace yourself for a 24-hour challenge, exploring dynamic domains like technology, healthcare, and environment. Unleash your creativity on Conductor, transforming your ideas into standout projects. Seize this opportunity to innovate and make a lasting impact. Ready to code your way to success?

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Orkes is teaming up with Hack IT Sapiens for an amazing hackathon in Jaipur, India, this March 2024. Engage with a vibrant community of hackers, collaborate on innovative projects, and unleash your creativity in a supportive and inspiring environment. Don't miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and create something extraordinary on Conductor.

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Past Events

React Delhi

Feb 24, 2024

The Role of BFF in React Applications

At React Delhi, we dived into the technical intricacies of Backend For Frontend (BFF) and its critical role within React Applications. We focused on delivering how BFF functions as a mediator, optimizing data flow, and enhancing the agility of front-end development.

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Vue.js Nation Conference 2024

Feb 15, 2024

Vue.js Nation Workshop

At the Vue.js Nation Conference, we hosted a workshop attended by 800 participants, where we explored the intricacies of building a stateful Backend For Frontend (BFF) using Conductor. Our in-depth session was designed to equip attendees with valuable insights into optimizing the development of front-end applications through Conductor.

Conductor Meetup

Feb 13, 2024

Conductor Virtual Meetup - Feb’24

The February Virtual Conductor Meetup unveiled the Conductor CLI with a hands-on guide to its implementation. The event also featured an enlightening fireside chat with the Creator of Netflix Conductor, offering valuable insights into the tool's origins and its transformative role in modern app development.

Orkes x Hack This Fall

Feb 9 -11, 2024

Orkes x Hack This Fall Hackathon

We collaborated with Hack This Fall Hackathon Season 4 to host a 36-hour in-person coding challenge in Gandhinagar, India, in February 2024. Tailored for beginners from diverse backgrounds, this hackathon provided an exciting platform for participants to work on thrilling projects on Conductor.

Orkes x FOSS Overflow

Dec'23 - Feb'24

Orkes x FOSS Overflow

In collaboration with FOSS Overflow, we co-hosted a month-long hackathon at IIT Bhilai, India, from December '23 to February '24. The event, organized by OpenLake and GDSC IIT Bhilai, was designed to familiarize students with open-source development through immersive projects and mentorship.


Feb 8, 2024

Build and Scale RAG Applications using Orkes Gen AI Orchestration

In February, we launched our first technical webinar of the year, focusing on developing distributed applications with Gen AI Orchestration using Orkes Conductor. Keep an eye out for upcoming technical webinars as we delve deeper into innovative approaches to AI orchestration and application building.


Feb 6, 2024

How Generative AI Impacts the Way Software is Built

At the recent dojo.live show, we discussed integrating Gen AI models into business workflows using Orkes Conductor, highlighting its role in streamlining model deployment and orchestration. This integration allows businesses to efficiently leverage AI for tasks ranging from predictive analytics to process automation.

Boston Meetup

Jan 30, 2024

Microservices & Distributed Applications Meetup | Boston

Our first in-person meetup in Boston provided a comprehensive exploration of building scalable distributed applications with Conductor. Participants delved into the integration of Conductor into Gen AI-powered applications and acquired knowledge on building distributed applications using Python.

Vue.js Nation

Jan 24-25, 2024

Vue.js Nation Conference 2024

At the Vue.js Nation Conference 2024, we left a lasting impact through our session on "Accelerating front-end development with stateful BFFs" featuring Conductor, the leading open-source orchestration platform. Our session demonstrated the transformative capabilities of Conductor and inspired attendees to rethink their approaches, fostering a shared vision for the future of front-end development with Conductor.

Orkes x TechHacks

Jan 19 - 21, 2024

Orkes x TechHacks Hackathon

In January 2024, we partnered with Techacks 4.0 for an exciting hackathon in Punjab, India. Techacks 4.0, dedicated to advancing technological innovation, partnered with Orkes to offer a stage where budding developers and tech enthusiasts could leverage our platform, Conductor, to build amazing projects.

FOSS United, Bengaluru

Jan 13, 2024

Orchestration in Retrieval Augmented Generation

Orkes was represented at the FOSS United Bangalore by our founding engineer, Manan Bhatt, where he shared an insightful session on the fascinating realm of Orchestration in Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), offering a unique perspective on navigating today's digital landscape with Orkes Conductor.

Conductor Meetup

Jan 9, 2024

Virtual Conductor Meetup - Jan’24

We kickstarted 2024 events with the Virtual Conductor Meetup, which featured engaging sessions on harnessing the power of Conductor as an integration platform & why durability of application flow matters. Our panel of speakers shared their valuable insights on revolutionizing the app development process with Conductor.

Conductor Meetup

Dec 13, 2023

Conductor Meetup | Orkes x Netflix

Co-organized by Orkes and Netflix Engineering, the Conductor Meetup for Q4 took place on Dec 13, 2023. The meetup delves deep into Conductor, the powerful orchestration platform that simplifies and manages your microservices at scale. This meetup was an excellent opportunity for all microservices enthusiasts to hear from industry experts on AI orchestration and how Conductor expedites the development of real-world distributed applications.

Paris Meetup Dec’23

Dec 8, 2023

Microservices and Orkes Conductor Meetup Paris

The second edition of our Paris Meetup was an extraordinary experience that united a vibrant community of developers, software architects, and tech enthusiasts in France. The event was centered around the transformative impact of AI on orchestration strategies. We were fortunate to host an exceptional session featuring a Conductor user, who shared insights on how their organization successfully tackled integration challenges using this platform.

APIDays Paris

Dec 7, 2023

AI Enabled Orchestration & Retrieval-Augmented Generation

With 3000+ attendees, APIDays Paris was an exceptional platform for discovering cutting-edge innovations and technologies. At the APIDays Paris, we delved into an engaging session on how Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) revolutionizes efficiency across various applications.

Singapore Meetup Nov'23

Nov 8, 2023

Microservices and Orkes Conductor Meetup Singapore

The second edition of our Singapore Meetup was a phenomenal experience! It united a community of passionate developers in Singapore, all deeply engaged in the world of microservice-based applications. The spotlight was on AI Orchestration, unraveling the intricacies of seamlessly integrating Conductor for intelligent, automated decision-making in daily business operations.

GDG Durgapur

Nov 5, 2023

GDG Durgapur

We recently collaborated with GDG Durgapur, the biggest event in the region for developers and techies on November 5, 2023. The partnership brought together a diverse group of individuals passionate about technology, fostering an environment of learning, collaboration, and networking. It was a momentous occasion that showcased the vibrant spirit of the local tech community and provided valuable insights and connections for all participants.

Orkes x hackCBS

Nov 4-5, 2023

Orkes x hackCBS Hackathon

Back in November 2023, we collaborated with hackCBS, India's largest student-organized hackathon. The thrilling hacking event unfolded on Nov 4 in Delhi, India. Encompassing a broad spectrum of themes, from FinTech to Web3, this hackathon was more than just a coding competition—it was a chance for participants to delve into new skills and forge connections with industry experts and leaders.

Sydney Meetup

Nov 2, 2023

Microservices and Distributed Applications Meetup Australia

Our first in-person meetup in Australia occurred in Sydney on November 2, 2023. This event provided a deep dive into exclusive strategies and insights regarding real-world application development, leveraging the capabilities of Conductor—the open-source orchestration engine developed by Netflix and meticulously maintained by Orkes. The agenda featured enlightening sessions delivered by prominent industry speakers, serving as a beacon for enthusiasts in the realm of microservices.

OSFF New York

Nov 1, 2023

Open Source in Finance Forum New York

We were at the Open Source in Finance Forum in New York, a hub of knowledge and shared enthusiasm, where we delved into the realm of innovation and collaboration in financial services through open-source magic. Our minds sparked, connections were forged, and we even geeked out exploring the wonders of implementing financial workflows using Netflix Conductor.

Cloud Native Day Pune

Oct 28, 2023

Cloud Native Day Pune

October came to a close with our engagement at Cloud Native Day Pune, a community-organized event that's deeply committed to fostering and nurturing the cloud-native community. We were excited to collaborate with Cloud Native Day, a gathering dedicated to exploring cutting-edge technologies like GitOps, WebAssembly (WASM), Docker, Kubernetes, Cloud Sustainability, GenAI, GPT, DevOps, and many other innovations.

Weaviate Meetup New York

Oct 27, 2023

Orchestration in Retrieval-Augmented Generation

We were part of the Weaviate Meetup on Oct 27, 2023, in the vibrant city of New York. Our team delivered an informative exploration of the captivating realm of Orchestration in Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) through the lens of Orkes Conductor.

Gitex Global 2023 | Expand North Star

Oct 15 - 18, 2023

Gitex Global 2023 | Expand North Star

We marked our presence in the Middle East with Gitex Global 2023. Taking part in the expansive Expand North Star venue, recognized as the world's largest tech and startup showcase, filled us with excitement as we had the opportunity to connect with and establish partnerships with top tech experts from across the globe.

GDG DevFest Ranchi

Oct 8, 2023

Modernizing Applications: Unleashing the Power of Microservices with Conductor

We kick-started the DevFest series of the year with DevFest Ranchi on Oct 8, 2023. Our team delivered an insightful session on unleashing the power of microservices in modernizing applications. We delved into the fundamentals of microservices, their benefits, and how they can be utilized to build robust and scalable applications.

QCon San Francisco

Oct 6, 2023

Microservices Orchestration: Designing Resilient Systems for the future

We were at QCon San Francisco on Oct 6, 2023. Our Head of DevRel, Olivier Poupeney, delivered an informative workshop on mastering microservices orchestration, enhancing application resiliency, and enabling rapid, multi-language, and cross-team development.

Orkes x OpinHacks

Sep 29, 2023

Orkes x OpinHacks Hackathon

We concluded September with an exhilarating Hackathon, partnering with OpinHacks, the James Bond of hackathons. This thrilling 36-hour Conductor hacking event commenced on September 29, 2023, in Chhattisgarh, India. With a wide-ranging theme spanning Finance to AI/ML, this hackathon presents an exceptional opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in learning and coding on groundbreaking tech solutions.

Conductor Meetup

Sep 26, 2023

Conductor Meetup | Orkes x Netflix

Co-organized by Orkes and Netflix Engineering, the Conductor Meetup for Q3 took place on Sep 26, 2023. The meetup featured industry professionals who shared their success stories, illuminating how Conductor revolutionized their development and deployment process. The meetup was an excellent opportunity for all microservices enthusiasts to network & collaborate with the community.

London Meetup

Sep 13, 2023

Microservices and Orkes Conductor Meetup London

In collaboration with API Days London, we hosted our in-person meetup in London on Sep 13, 2023. We had a great panel of speakers featuring Ben Pirt from Made Tech and Viren Baraiya & Olivier Poupeney from Orkes. The talks and discussions were related to real-world scalable app development, AI Orchestration, and the seamless integration of Conductor for intelligent and automated decision-making within everyday business operations.

Paris Meetup

Aug 23, 2023

Orkes Conductor Developer Meetup Paris

Our first in-person Orkes Conductor Developer Meetup in Europe was in the enchanting city of Paris on August 23, 2023. This event served as a gathering point for developers eager to explore the nuances of building distributed applications with microservices. A prominent focus of the meetup revolved around how Orkes Conductor adeptly tackles the prevalent challenges developers encounter when building intricate and mission-critical applications.

Singapore Meetup

Aug 4, 2023

Microservices and Distributed Applications Meetup Singapore

In collaboration with Microsoft Singapore & Kubernetes User Groups Singapore, we hosted our first in-person meetup in Singapore, bringing together developers passionate about microservice-based applications. The meetup featured incredible sessions from prominent industry speakers and provided microservice enthusiasts with an excellent opportunity to network and learn.


July 26, 2023

How Conductor and Spring Boot Can Rescue Subscription Chaos

At the NY JavaSIG event, New York's Java community members had the opportunity to attend an informative session by Olivier Poupeney, the Head of DevRel. During the presentation, Olivier demonstrated how Conductor and Java Spring Boot could work together harmoniously to orchestrate a collection of microservices, using a monthly subscription use case as an example.

New York Meetup

July 19, 2023

Orkes Conductor Developer Meetup New York

Our next in-person meetup was in New York City on July 19, 2023. The meetup was an excellent opportunity where we gathered passionate developers interested in building distributed applications using microservices. Olivier Poupeney, Head of Developer Relations at Orkes, delivered an insightful session on building distributed applications using Conductor.

APIDays Interface

June 28, 2023

Creating Resilient Distributed Applications

With 4000+ attendees, Interface by APIDays was a platform to learn from the best about Business Models, Security & Identity Management, Digital Transformation, Microservices Architecture, and more. Olivier Poupeney, Head of Developer Relations at Orkes, delivered an informative session on building resilient distributed applications using Conductor.


June 27, 2023

How Foxtel Accelerates Microservices and Workflow Orchestration

Our first webinar was hosted in June 2023, where we featured how Foxtel, Australia’s most prominent media streaming company, leverages Conductor and Orkes Cloud to accelerate the creation and scaling of distributed applications.

Mumbai Meetup

June 24, 2023

Microservices and Distributed Applications Mumbai Meetup

In collaboration with Azure Developer Community, our second in-person meetup was in Mumbai, India. We had a great panel of speakers featuring Ashish Tiwari from Elastic, Manan Bhatt & Altaf Alam Ansari from Orkes. The meetup was a great opportunity for people to network and learn about microservices & distributed applications.

Developer Week Latin America

June 21, 2023

Accelerate Your Microservices Based Application Development

We were part of Latin America’s largest developer and engineering conference, Developer Week. We were thrilled to have our CTO, Viren Baraiya, featured as a keynote speaker at the event, showcasing how Orkes can accelerate the speed of developing microservice-based applications.

QCon New York

June 13-15, 2023

Creating Resilient Distributed Applications

The 9th annual QCon New York was held in June 2023, and our team was thrilled to meet like-minded individuals and form new partnerships. In an informative talk, Viren Baraiya, our CTO, covered how Orkes Conductor can be used to build resilient distributed applications.

Microsoft Build

May 23-25, 2023

Building Distributed Applications using Orchestration

Our team had a great time at Microsoft Build 2023, an excellent opportunity to connect with experts from the developer community. We were overwhelmed by the love shown by the people who visited our stall. Our CTOs, Boney & Viren, captivated the audience with informative talks on building distributed applications using orchestration.

Gartner Summit 2023

May 22-24, 2023

Power Your Digital Transformation

Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit was an excellent opportunity to connect and engage with Gartner experts and industry-leading software professionals around the globe. Viren, CTO at Orkes, shared an insightful talk on “Power Your Digital Transformation with Orkes Application Orchestration Platform”.

Conductor Meetup

May 9, 2023

Conductor Meetup | Orkes x Netflix

Conductor Meetup, co-organized by Orkes and Netflix Engineering, featured industry professionals who shared their success stories on how Conductor revolutionized their development and deployment processes. The meetup was a collaboration opportunity for the participants to engage in lively discussions through Q & A sessions.

Bangalore Meetup

April 30, 2023

Building Event Driven Distributed Applications with Conductor

In collaboration with Google Developers, we hosted our first in-person event of the year in Bengaluru, India. The panel of speakers included Joinal Ahmed from Google and Bimal Gupta from Cimpress. We also had an insightful talk on “Building Event Driven Distributed Applications with Conductor” from Manan Bhatt, Orkes.

Microsoft Reactor

Apr 18, 2023

Resiliency at Scale with Netflix Conductor

We concluded the Microsoft Reactor talk series with a talk on strategies for building resilient, distributed, stateful applications in a hybrid cloud environment at scale using Netflix Conductor. We also touched on the architecture of Netflix Conductor and its native error-handling capabilities.


Apr 16, 2023

Microservices Demystified: Understanding the Basics and Benefits

We were at GDSC WOW Pune, India, where our team delivered an insightful session on the revolutionary approach to application development with microservices. The talk covered the fundamentals of microservices, their benefits, and how they can be utilized to build robust and scalable applications.

Microsoft Reactor

Apr 11, 2023

Building the Orkes SaaS Platform using Orchestration

Our CTO, Boney, delivered the second talk of the Microsoft Reactor series about building Orkes SaaS platform using Netflix Conductor. The talk covered how Conductor boosts your system’s velocity, orchestrates services spanning languages, frameworks & clouds, and how you can use it to build a SaaS platform.

Microsoft Reactor

Apr 4, 2023

How to (not) build a distributed monolith

We were at Microsoft Reactor over a series of talks in April 2023. The first talk, delivered by our CTO Viren, centered on the challenges of distributed monoliths and how an eventing system with an orchestrator like Netflix Conductor can overcome these challenges to build a distributed stateful application.


Apr 1, 2023

From Monoliths to Microservices: Orchestrating Your Way to Success

We recently participated in Pune FOSS, which brings software developers, enthusiasts, and communities together for networking and learning about free open-source software. We tapped into the concepts of monoliths and microservices and introduced workflow orchestration using Netflix Conductor.

GDSC WOW Visakhapatnam

Mar 24, 2023

From Monoliths to Microservices: Orchestrating Your Way to Success

GDSC WOW is an annual collaboration that exposes graduate/undergraduate students to the latest technological trends. We were at the first talk of the GDSC WOW series in Visakhapatnam, India. Our team delivered a talk that covered the shift from a monolithic architecture to microservices.

API Secure

Mar 15, 2023

API Orchestration: to build resilient applications

With over 1800+ attendees from over 50+ countries, APIsecure was a ground for the world’s security unicorns to collaborate and network with users. We presented an insightful talk on how API orchestration can help developers build scalable, resilient applications.

Developer Week

Feb 16, 2023

Building & Scaling Distributed Stateful Applications

With 8000+ attendees from over 115+ countries, the conference was a platform for networking, learning & upgrading skills. At the API & Microservices session, Viren Baraiya, our CTO, presented a talk about some of the best practices in building distributed stateful applications.

Conductor Developer Meetup | Netflix x Orkes

Jan 24, 2023

Automating Application Bootstrapping using Conductor

The first Orkes event of the year, “Conductor Developer Meetup”, featured Joseph Karp, DevOps Architect at United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), who shared his experience on how the UWM team was able to automate application bootstrapping with Conductor. Viren Baraiya, CTO at Orkes, introduced the new add-ons with Conductor.

Google Cloud Startup Community

Dec 7, 2022

Scale & grow your business with Conductor delivered by Orkes

Viren Baraiya, CTO at Orkes, shared his learnings on building Orkes at the Google Cloud Startup Community Event in Mountain View, CA. Viren, as a panelist, addressed a crowd of 400 early-stage founders and venture capitalists on how Conductor helps startups to scale using cloud services across any provider.

DevFest 2022

Nov - Dec 2022

Building Distributed Applications 10x Faster

We were represented at the DevFests by Cherish Santoshi, our Developer Relations Engineer, who delivered talks on building distributed applications 10x faster using Conductor. The talk revolved around the age of monoliths, monolithic challenges, and how it moved from monoliths to microservices.

Developer Week 2022

Nov 16, 2022

Building a SaaS platform using Orchestration

Netflix Conductor OSS, an orchestration platform, was built to increase engineering velocity while maintaining quality & dev team efficiency, helping Netflix scale to what it is today. Now how do you build a SaaS platform using orchestration?

API World 2022

Nov 3, 2022

Build resilient and scalable applications using Orchestration

We were at the API World 2022, San Jose, CA. We met with many people and shared insights to build resilient, distributed stateful applications in a hybrid cloud environment at a scale that powers the likes of Netflix and many other businesses at scale.

Kubecon 2022

Oct 24, 2022

Unleash your workflows, at any cloud, at any scale

GE Healthcare, Netflix, Tesla, GitHub, and LinkedIn leverage the Netflix Conductor, an open-source platform, to accelerate the time to market their workflows with high accuracy. Connect with us to know why businesses of all sizes choose Conductor delivered by Orkes Cloud to build highly resilient, reliable and scalable applications.


Sep 9-12, 2022

Assemble your workloads in the cloud.

With over 37000+ attendees from 170 countries worldwide, IBC2022 was an excellent opportunity for the team at Orkes to meet with customers and industry experts in the media space. At IBC, we showcased how Conductor can be custom tailored to meet various organizations' workflow needs.