Orkes Hack - An experience like no other

Riza Farheen
Developer Advocate
November 25, 2022
Reading Time: 4 mins

Ever since the launch of Orkes, our developer community has been spectacular. We were overwhelmed to witness the steady growth and keen engagement of developers interested in Conductor over this short span of time. Of course, this called for a celebration with our community, and we proudly organized our first-ever hackathon, The Orkes Hack, from March 2022 - July 2022.

With over 5000+ developer registrations from all over the world and their outstanding contributions, the response was incredible. We’ve lined up some highlights from Orkes Hack for you!

About Orkes Hack

The Orkes Hack was a virtual event that commenced on March 28, 2022, and continued till July 24, 2022. We had 5145 attendees, with team sizes ranging between one and four. The hackathon utilized Orkes Playground, a free, fully managed browser-based sandbox environment of Conductor.

Themes for Orkes Hack

The theme for the event was categorized into four groups with minimum criteria for the submission.

  • Open Innovation

The developers were free to build any innovative workflow/app that showcases the use of Conductor in solving a real-world problem.

  • From Devs, for Devs

This was intended for collaboration and network learning. The developers were free to create tools that can automate their day-to-day tasks, such as javascript beautifier, auto-upload to S3 buckets, S3 threat scan, and much more.

  • Riding the NFT wave

Riding the NFT wave theme revolves around building a workflow around minting, generating different file types, uploading, listing, and other marketplace operations involving NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), where NFTs are cryptographic tokens that exist on blockchains and cannot be replicated.

  • Most creative workflows

Developers had to create workflows wiring up various tasks and operators that could present the business logic of an application.

While the excitement of our hacker community was primarily centered on building cool applications and having fun while at it, there was also a $3500 price pool that made it even more exciting!

The great submissions from the community during the hackathon include the workflows that can solve issues in compliance and security, E-agreements, healthcare, file management, NFTs, and more. The more exciting part is that these developers rapidly learned to build on Netflix Conductor from scratch.

Hackathon is where ideas transform into reality or where disruptive solutions are brainstormed. The Orkes Hack also witnessed immense competition bringing forward brilliant ideas utilizing Netflix Conductor. Finally, after over 100+ days of hustle and bustle, our judging panel, including the founding team of Orkes, who was also the original team behind the open-source Netflix Conductor, picked the top 3 hacks whose contributions were remarkable.

The first prize was bagged by the team ComplianceForce for GDPR and PII Compliance Workflow under the theme Most creative workflows. The first runner-up was the team Madanhitansh239 for NFT Marketplace Workflow under the theme Riding the NFT wave. And the second runner-up was the team Mrdevops for PDF Operations under the theme Open Innovation. Congratulations to all our winners and the participants who immensely worked and contributed to the Conductor platform.

You can be a hacker too and easily build applications on Conductor! Sign-up for Orkes Playground and start building your workflows now - no setups and no payments needed!

Do reach out to us on our Slack, and GitHub communities for any queries. We are always happy to assist you with questions or advice related to using Netflix Conductor or application development in general.

We had a great time hosting the Orkes Hack and we would like to extend our gratitude to all the attendees for making this event a great success. We will be back soon with more events.

Stay tuned!!!

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