Orkes Monthly Highlights - February 2023

Riza Farheen
Developer Advocate
March 01, 2023
Reading Time: 2 mins

Welcome to the Orkes Monthly update blog!

We hope that you are enjoying this monthly update series. Do let us know your thoughts and valuable feedback through our Slack channel.

The Orkes team continues its relentless focus on delivering excellent outcomes for our community and customers, and our developers are heads down building new capabilities in Conductor. This month, we also witnessed significant interactions and contributions from our community.

Event Updates

DeveloperWeek 2023

Feb 15-17, 2023: Oakland, CA

Uniting the global developer community, DeveloperWeek 2023 is the world’s largest developer & engineering expo held at Oakland Convention Center, California. With 8000+ attendees, including engineers, software developers/architects, technical professionals & IT leaders from over 115+ countries, the conference was a platform for networking, learning & upgrading skills.

With more and more companies embarking on their cloud journey, microservice adoption has become an integral part of the business processes and data processing pipelines. In this context, it is critical that the right patterns and approaches are used when teams move into this model. At the API and Microservices session in the DeveloperWeek, our CTO Viren Baraiya talked about “Building & Scaling distributed stateful applications”, which covered some of the best practices in this journey and how a well-formed orchestrator can empower teams to build their critical applications with high levels of scale and resiliency.

Recent Blog Posts

Orkes Troubleshooting Guide

We introduced Orkes Troubleshooting Guide to assist the users with resolving common issues they may encounter while using Conductor. The guide is structured in a way that includes probable cause & solutions, and we are starting with addressing some of the common workflow definition errors. We will continue to add more sections as we encounter additional issues.

We value your feedback and encourage you to join our community on the Slack channel to stay connected with us. Come join us and share your thoughts with us!

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