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Taking Gen-AI Applications from POC to Production

In the fast-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, transitioning Gen-AI applications from Proof of Concept (POC) to full-scale production presents a myriad of challenges for organizations. Join us for our webinar, "Taking Gen AI Applications from POC to Production," where we delve into the critical steps and strategies necessary to navigate this complex journey successfully. Whether you're a seasoned AI practitioner or new to the field, this webinar offers invaluable insights into overcoming common hurdles and maximizing the potential of your Gen-AI initiatives.
Throughout this webinar, we will address key questions and problems faced by organizations looking to operationalize Gen-AI applications. From understanding the transition process and optimizing performance to mitigating risks and ensuring long-term success, attendees will gain practical knowledge and actionable strategies to drive their Gen-AI projects forward. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and equip yourself with the tools and techniques needed to take your Gen-AI applications from concept to production.
Key Takeaways:
  • AI and Workflow Orchestration - Learn about the necessary tools and platforms needed to start creating meaningful Gen-AI applications.
  • Gen-AI Use Cases - Discover useful applications for Gen-AI applications in a variety of industries and verticals.
  • Workflow Integration - Learn how you can integrate Gen-Ai into your already existing workflows and systems.
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Tuesday, July 30th, at 2:00 pm EST
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Viren Baraiya
Co-founder & CTO,
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Ray Strickland
Sr. Partner Solution Architect AI/ML,

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