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Conductor Playground


Get started in Orkes Playground by going to creating a free account!

What is Conductor Playground?

Conductor Playground is a free developer environment for developers to try out and learn more about Conductor. It is fully hosted by Orkes and is run as a multi-tenant cluster. Developers should use playground for getting familiarized with what Conductor offers, and is NOT intended to run production Conductor workflows. For running Conductor orchestration & workflows in production we recommend:

  • Use Orkes Cloud for a fully managed and hosted Conductor cluster deployed to your cloud. It comes with free and paid plans!
  • Install and use the open source Conductor.

Logging in to Conductor Playground

When you navigate to you will be prompted to sign-up for the Playground using a Google account (or you can use an email and password with a verification email step).

The landing page is a list of workflow executions on the playground. If this is your first login, this table will be empty.

Conductor Playground Components

Inside the playground, the left Navigation provides you with insight as you what you can do in the playground:

left navigation menu of Orkes Playground

  • Workflow Executions: Here you will see every workflow execution for your workflows.
    • Note that all executions (for all users) of the preinstalled workflows also appear here - so do not enter any data you wish to remain private.
  • Workflow Definitions: A list all the workflows available to your account. Define (and change) workflows through the Define Workflow button. There are some workflows pre-installed for testing purposes.
  • Task Definitions: A list of all tasks available to your account. Define (and change) tasks through the Define Task button.
  • Event Handlers: A list of all events available to your account. Define (and change) events through the Define Event button. Test your Events with the Test Event button.
  • Scheduler Definitions: Use this menu to schedule a workflow to run on a regular interval.
  • Scheduler Executions: A list of Workflow Executions as a result of a schedule.
  • Task Queues: See the worker queue for your tasks.
  • Applications: Create applications that you can run from the Orkes Playground. We have detailed documenttation on application creation, and you can follow our tutorial to create Playground applications.
  • Feedback: We want to hear what you think!
  • Run Workflow: Run a workflow, and then see the results.
  • Implement Workers: Details on how to create a Java worker for your Conductor task.

To learn more about the various components of Conductor, please start with the Conductor Overview

Preinstalled Workflows

In order for you to get to the action right away with Conductor, the Playground comes pre-installed with many workflows. These can be executed from within the UI.

Note: Please note that the executions of these pre-installed workflows are shared across all Playground users, and as such, it is not recommended to use any input data or correlation id strings that you want to keep private.

Population Max/Min

In the Workflow Definitions section, you should see a PopulationMaxMin workflow. Clicking on the workflow name will show the JSON definition and the visualization of the workflow:

workflow screenshot

This workflow requires no inputs from the user. On execution it will:

  • Make an HTTP request to retrieve US State populations
  • Split into 2 parallel tasks:
    • Find the state with the highest population
    • Find the state with the lowest population
  • Rejoin, combine the results and exit.

Test it out by clicking Run Workflow in the left navigation. Select PopulationMaxMin from the Workflow name dropdown, and click Run Workflow. A workflowId will appear below the form:

run workflow screenshot

Click this link, and you'll see that the task has probably already completed. Explore with the UI to investigate each task in the diagram, or hit Workflow Input/Output to see the JSON result of the workflow.

completed workflow completed workflow results

Create a New Workflow

You can use the Playground to create new workflows and execute them. These will be private and visible only to you. Follow our tutorial on how to create your first workflow in the Playground.

Give Us Feedback!

We would love to hear from you on how we can improve the Playground, this document and our products in general. Please use this form to let us know.