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Getting Started with Orkes Cloud

Orkes Cloud is a self-service offering from Orkes, the leading workflow orchestration platform. It allows developers to scale distributed applications, modernize workflows for durability, and protect against software failures and downtimes.

Orkes Cloud offers a 14-day free trial for the self-service plan with access to all enterprise features.

Sign Up for Orkes Cloud Free Trial


No credit card is required for a free trial.

To get started with the free trial of Orkes Cloud:

  1. Sign up for a 14-day free trial.
  2. Set up an account using Google SSO or email (only business email sign-ups are permitted).
  3. Provide the following details:

Orkes Cloud Account Setup details

  1. Verify your phone number with OTP authentication.
  2. Select the region for your free trial cluster. You can choose from Europe, North America, or APAC.

Select cluster region for free-trial

  1. Click Continue.

The cluster is provisioned, and the free trial account is activated with 14-day access to all enterprise features. After 14 days, you can upgrade to continue using your account. If you do not upgrade, your account will be deactivated. You’re free to upgrade your account at any time throughout the trial.

  1. Once the cluster provisioning is complete, click the Open Cluster button, and it will take you to the sign-up page for Conductor UI.

Open cluster option after provisioning

  1. Click Login to Continue and Sign-up for the cluster using the same email used during sign-up.

Login to Cluster from Orkes Cloud


To access your cluster, you need to “Sign up” for the cluster and not log in. This serves as a security capability: the cloud portal is intended for a DevOps audience, whereas the Conductor cluster is designed for a developer audience. This distinction allows for granular control over these two environments, ensuring that each audience has the appropriate level of access and control, thereby enhancing overall security and operational efficiency.

Upgrading from Trial to Enterprise Base Subscription Plan


The Enterprise Base plan is the lowest subscription tier for Orkes Enterprise, starting at $695 per month when billed annually, or $825 per month when billed monthly.

Limits of Enterprise Base Cluster

Enterprise base cluster has the following limits:

Enterprise Base Cluster SKU LimitsValues
Execution Limits-
Redis limit (in GB)1
Task size (KB)2048
Tasks in workflow execution1000
In-memory serialized workflow size (MB)20
API calls/sec100
API payload size (MB) (incoming and outgoing)2048
Webhook calls received/sec1
Webhook payload size (MB)2048
Events received/sec10
Events sent/sec10
Event payload size (KB)2048
HTTP task duration seconds60
Maximum workflow duration (days)Unlimited
Execution history uncompressed (GB) (Orkes Hosted)25
Execution history retention (days) (Orkes Hosted)7
Event Task expiration upon completion (sec)3600
Event Task expiration if not polled and executed (sec)86400
Definition Limits-
Tasks defined1000
Workflows defined1000
Workflow versionsUnlimited
Tasks in a workflow definition1000
AI prompts0
LLM models0
Vector DB indexes0
Minimum schedule interval (seconds)10
Event sources2
Service accounts2
User Groups0

Subscribing to Enterprise Base plan

To upgrade your Orkes Enterprise account from trial to the “Enterprise Base" plan:

  1. From your free-trial cloud portal, click Upgrade Plan.

Upgrading Plan in Orkes Cloud

  1. Choose the “Enterprise” subscription plan and click Upgrade.

Choosing plan for upgrading Orkes Cloud

  1. Add your card details and check out to complete the payment process.

Once the payment is completed successfully, your portal will be updated to the “Enterprise Base” plan.

Updated plan details in Orkes Cloud portal

  • Workflows using premium features in the trial won’t be runnable when subscribed to the Enterprise Base plan.
  • Contact our sales team to upgrade your Enterprise base plan to higher subscription tiers.

Enterprise Add-Ons

In addition to the features available on the Enterprise base plan, you can purchase add-ons that include additional features and upgrades to cluster sizes and number of users.


Enterprise Add-Ons are available at a custom price depending on the types of add-ons you choose.

To purchase add-ons:

  1. Click the Upgrade Plan button from the cloud portal.

Upgrading Plan in Orkes Cloud

  1. Browse the features listed under the Add-ons section.
  2. Click Contact Us and fill out the form.

Upgrading plan for add-ons in Orkes Cloud

  1. A request will be sent to the sales team, and you will receive an email indicating further steps.

Managing Orkes Cloud Organization

You can manage the Orkes cloud organization settings directly from the cloud portal.

Conductor Cluster Settings

To access the Conductor cluster details from the cloud portal:

  1. Navigate to Clusters from the left menu.
  2. View all cluster details, such as the cluster name, subscription plan, environment type, etc.

Viewing Cluster settings in Orkes Cloud

  1. Click Conductor UI to access the cluster.
  2. If you are on a paid subscription plan, you can view the cluster details by clicking on the cluster name. You can view details such as URLs, status, network, persistence, application properties authentication, actions history, pods, and more.

Viewing Cluster details in Orkes Cloud

Organization Settings

To access the organization settings from the cloud portal:

  1. Navigate to Organization Settings from the left menu. Here, you will find the following tabs:
  • Info - Displays the organization name.

Viewing organization settings in Orkes Cloud

  • Payments - Allows you to update your card details.

Updating payment settings in Orkes Cloud

  • Users - Enables you to add more users to the organization. Users can be assigned one of the following roles:
    • Root - Has all privileges within the cloud portal.
    • Admin - Has administrative privileges within the cloud portal.
    • User - Has limited access to the cloud portal.

Adding users in Orkes Cloud