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Document Approvals

Document approval workflows are a common practice in many industries. A document is created, and the gets reviewed by several parties before it is released. Ideally, every document moves ahead through the process - but inevitably, a document will be rejected by a reviewer and require editing before the review process can continue. In the diagram below, Review 1a, 2 and 3 can reject the document and send it back for editing:

Document Approval

See the workflow in Orkes Playground

(Note: This workflow does not have workers, and thus is for visualization purposes only.)

review cycle diagram

Looking at this flow, a rejection appears to add a loop into the workflow. Since all Conductor workflows are Directed Acyclic Graphs, it seems this might violate the basic nature of a Conductor workflow.

There is a workaround in Conductor that allows for loops that we feature in the Review Approval workflow. Conductor's DO/WHILE task allows for iteration of the same tasks multiple times (and to ensure the directed nature of the graph, each iteration of the task is numbered with __x (where x is the iteration count).

review cycle workflow

  1. Document is uploaded
  2. Review 1a & 1b can be run asynchronously. If it passes: Review 2, otherwise, it loops back to being uploaded again.
  3. Reviewer 2 does their job. If it passes - the document can either go to completion, to a third review - or like a long snake in "Snakes and Ladders" the document goes back to the start.