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What use cases can Conductor solve?

Conductor is a general-purpose orchestration engine that is language agnostic and has been adopted widely across multiple industries, ranging from media to security to finance and more.

Some common use cases that has been solved by Conductor are:

  1. Supply Chain Management
  2. Media Processing Pipelines (Image processing, video transcoding, etc.)
  3. Security and Threat Detection Workflows
  4. Order Management Workflows
  5. Financial Transactions
  6. Distributed Transactions
  7. Human-centric Business Process Automation
  8. Orchestrating Microservices (HTTP, background services, etc.)
  9. Orchestrating Business Logic across various cloud functions (AWS Lambda, GCP functions, etc.)
  10. Infrastructure Provisioning
  11. CI/CD Pipelines
  12. Long-running Processes and Workflows
  13. Monitoring
  14. Distributed Transactions
  15. Localization Pipelines
  16. Content Management and Publishing Workflows