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Metrics and Observability

Orkes Conductor server publishes a rich set of metrics that can be used to monitor the applications that are using Conductor. These metrics are available automatically in your deployment and can be pushed to a 3rd party system such as Datadog on request for dedicated clusters.

The following metrics are published by the server. You can use these metrics to configure alerts for your workflows and tasks.

workflow_completed_seconds_countCounter for failing workflowsworkflowName, status
workflow_start_request_seconds_countCounter for no. of workflows startedworkflowName
workflow_completed_secondsTimer for Workflow completionworkflowName, quantile, status
workflow_runningGauge for no. of running workflowsworkflowName
task_queue_waitTime spent by a task in queuetaskType
task_completed_secondsTime taken to execute a tasktaskType, quantile, status
task_poll_request_seconds_countCounter for number of times the task is being polledtaskType
task_queue_depthPending tasks queue depthtaskType
task_rate_limitedCurrent number of tasks being rate limitedtaskType
task_concurrent_execution_limitedCurrent number of tasks being limited by concurrent execution limittaskType
task_timeout_totalCounter for timed out taskstaskType