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Rotating Secrets Used in Workflows

A common use case is when a secret managed by Conductor is an access token with an expiry. Such tokens are used in cases where we need to supply an authorization header for a REST endpoint or as an API Key for an external service, etc.

Tokens that expire require a periodic refresh, and this can be easily achieved using a system worker task that can update the secret. This system worker does the same function as a custom worker updating a secret.

Refer to this link for the documentation on how to use this worker: Update Secret.

Workflow Definition to Rotate Secrets

In the following definition, we are using a worker to update the secret after retrieving a new secret using the HTTP endpoint:

"name": "update_rotate_secrets_tracker_app",
"description": "Workflow to retrieve and update secrets",
"version": 1,
"tasks": [
"name": "retrieve_token",
"taskReferenceName": "retrieve_token",
"inputParameters": {
"uri": "",
"method": "POST",
"accept": "application/json",
"contentType": "application/json",
"body": {
"keyId": "${workflow.secrets.appKeyId}",
"keySecret": "${workflow.secrets.appKeySecret}"
"outputFilter": {
"_secrets": {
"token": "$${retrieve_token.output.response.body.token}"
"type": "HTTP"
"name": "update_secret_task",
"taskReferenceName": "update_secret_task_ref",
"inputParameters": {
"_secrets": {
"secretKey": "my_secret_holding_a_token",
"secretValue": "${retrieve_token.output._secrets.token}"
"schemaVersion": 2

In the example above, we use an HTTP worker to fetch a new token and update a secret that holds this token. This is a common use case where you need to use a permanent credential to retrieve a temporary token that needs to be periodically refreshed. Use this workflow to configure token refresh in Conductor ecosystem.

Take note of how we use _secrets to mask the output of a specific value from the HTTP response. This also uses the feature called _outputFilters, which uses a JSON path expression to extract a specific value from the response body.


Using a combination of

  1. _secrets to mask outputs.
  2. _outputFilters to extract a specific json expression.
  3. UPDATE_SECRET worker to update secrets.
  4. A scheduler config to run this periodically (configure this to run at an interval that would be safe to refresh the token).

we are able to manage and refresh a token as a secret, which can be used in any workflow.