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List Human Tasks

Used to retrieve a list of human tasks by filters. An example use of this API will be to compose an inbox view for a user.


The invoking user should be a task owner, an ADMIN, or an assignee to the tasks returned. When using application credentials, the application should be the owner of the task in the workflow definition.

Input Payload

stateThe state of the human task which you want to retrieve - available options are PENDING, ASSIGNED, IN_PROGRESS, COMPLETED, and TIMED_OUT.
assigneeThe assignee on the task.
assigneeTypeThe assignee type on the task - options are EXTERNAL_USER, EXTERNAL_GROUP, CONDUCTOR_USER, and CONDUCTOR_GROUP.
claimedByThe id of the user who claimed the task - the format is assigneeType:<value> ex: EXTERNAL_GROUP:group-name.
taskNameThe name of the task - this is also the UI template name of the task.
freeTextAdditional criteria of a free text - this can include input/output values and other indexed fields.
includeInputOutputBoolean to indicate if the inputs and outputs of the task should be included in the response.

API Endpoint

GET human/tasks

Client SDK Methods

TODO: Coming soon to the SDKs