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Search Human Tasks

Used to retrieve a list of human tasks by search criteria. This API is similar to the API List Human Tasks.


The invoking user should be a task owner, an ADMIN, or an assignee to the tasks returned. When using application credentials, the application should be the owner of the task in the workflow definition.

Input Payload

queryIdNot used/supported at this time
startMarks the start of the records list
sizeMarks the number of records from the beginning that should be returned
freeTextAdditional criteria of a free text - this can include input/output values and other indexed fields
queryQuery for searching the tasks
jsonQueryJSON query for searching the tasks
includeInputOutputBoolean to indicate if the inputs and outputs of the task should be included in the response

Use the UI to make searches and you can see the payload sent in the network tab to get sample values for searching.

API Endpoint

GET human/tasks/search

Client SDK Methods

TODO: Coming soon to the SDKs