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Task and Workflow Status in Conductor

The status of the task and workflow is crucial while debugging a workflow from UI. You can look into the workflow and task status to understand the current state of the workflow to identify any potential issues or errors.

In this document, we’ll have a look through different tasks and workflow statuses in Conductor.

Task Status

SCHEDULEDThe task has been scheduled for a worker to pick up but is not yet picked up by a worker.
IN_PROGRESSThe task has been picked up by a worker and is currently being executed.
TIMED_OUTThe task status changes to TIMED_OUT based on the following time-out parameters set while defining the task:
  • timeOutSeconds - Time (in seconds), after which the task is marked as TIMED_OUT if not completed after transitioning to IN_PROGRESS status.
  • pollTimeoutSeconds - Time (in seconds), after which the task is marked as TIMED_OUT if a worker polls it but is not completed.
  • timeOutPolicy - If this is set to TIME_OUT_WF, the task status is marked as TIMEOUT, and the task is terminated.
Note: For the tasks to never timeout, configure timeOutSeconds & pollTimeoutSeconds to 0.
SKIPPEDThe task has been skipped from execution, and the workflow continues with the succeeding tasks.
You can use the skiptask API to skip a task execution from a currently running workflow.
CANCELEDWhen the workflow is terminated, all the pending tasks within the workflow will be canceled.
FAILED_WITH_TERMINAL_ERRORThe status indicates that the task encountered a critical error and cannot be retried.
In addition, you can also set this status manually from a workflow execution view in cases such as exiting early from the configured automatic retries in the task definition.
FAILEDThe task has been encountered with an error and failed to complete. In this situation, the workflow also fails. You can retry the workflow execution from failed tasks.
COMPLETED_WITH_ERRORSThe status indicates that the task has some errors but is completed.
One possible situation when this error can come is while defining a task definition, if the following field is set as optional:true, and the task fails during execution. The default value of this setting is false, so it needs to be explicitly set to true to continue the workflow even when there are errors.
COMPLETEDThe task has been successfully completed without any errors.

Workflow Status

RUNNINGThe workflow is currently in progress and is not yet completed.
PAUSEDThe workflow is paused by the user or by an external event and is waiting for a manual action to resume.
TIMED_OUTThe workflow status changes to TIMED_OUT when one of the tasks is timed out.
TERMINATEDThe workflow has been terminated by a user or by another workflow.
FAILEDThe workflow has encountered an error and has failed. You can retry the workflow execution from a failed task.
COMPLETEDAll the tasks within the workflow are completed, and hence the workflow is completed successfully.