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Search for Workflow Executions

Used to search for workflow executions.

Input Payload

StartIndicates the start index, which is used for pagination.
SizeIndicates the number of results to return.
QueryThe query expression in the format FIELD = 'VALUE' or FIELD IN (value1, value2). Only AND operations are supported. E.g., workflowId IN ('a', 'b', 'c') AND workflowType ='test_workflow' AND startTime BETWEEN 1000 and 2000. Supported fields for Query are: workflowId,correlationId, taskId, workflowType, taskType, status, startTime and modifiedTime.
FreeTextAll the workflow input, output, and task outputs up to a certain limit (check with your admins to find the size limit) are full-text indexed and can be used to search.

API Endpoint

GET /workflow/search

Client SDK Methods

SearchResult<WorkflowSummary> search(Integer start, Integer size, String sort, String freeText, String query)