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Task Configurations

Refer to Task Definitions for details on how to configure task definitions


Here is a task template payload with commonly used fields:

"createdBy": "user",
"name": "sample_task_name_1",
"description": "This is a sample task for demo",
"responseTimeoutSeconds": 10,
"timeoutSeconds": 30,
"inputKeys": [],
"outputKeys": [],
"timeoutPolicy": "TIME_OUT_WF",
"retryCount": 3,
"retryLogic": "FIXED",
"retryDelaySeconds": 5,
"inputTemplate": {},
"rateLimitPerFrequency": 0,
"rateLimitFrequencyInSeconds": 1

Best Practices

  1. Refer to Task Timeouts for additional information on how the various timeout settings work
  2. Refer to Monitoring Task Queues on how to monitor task queues