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Start Workflow Execution

Starts a workflow and returns the ID of the workflow. The API returns immediately without waiting for the workflow to be completed.

Input Payload

nameName of the workflow.
versionChoose the workflow version.
inputMap of Key and Value given as the input to the workflow.
correlationIdUser-supplied correlation id, which can be used to query the workflow execution later.
priorityPriority of the workflow. 0 is the default priority, which executes workflows in FIFO. Valid values are from 0-99.
taskToDomainTask to Domain limits the workflow execution to the specified domain only.
workflowDefProvide the entire workflow definition. Used for executing ephemeral workflow definitions.


A string representing the id of the workflow execution.

API Endpoint

POST /api/workflow/{name}

SDK Methods

String startWorkflow(StartWorkflowRequest startWorkflowRequest)