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System Task

System tasks/Workers are built-in tasks that run on the Conductor servers. They are general-purpose and reusable tasks, and can be implemented faster when compared to user-defined tasks because there isn’t a need to write a custom worker.

Supported System Tasks

Conductor has the following set of system tasks available.

TaskDescriptionUse Case
HTTPHTTP taskUsed to invoke any HTTP(S) endpoints.
Inline Code ExecutionInline taskUsed to execute arbitrary lightweight javascript code.
Event PublishingEvent taskUsed to publish an event into external eventing systems such as AMQP, SQS, and NATS.
JQ TransformJSON JQ Transform taskAllows processing of JSON data using JQ tool’s query expression language.
Kafka PublishKafka Publish taskUsed to publish messages to other microservices via Kafka.
Business RulesBusiness Rule TaskEvaluate Business rules from a spreadsheet
HTTP PollHTTP Poll TaskUsed to invoke any HTTP API until the specified condition matches.
WebhookWebhook TaskUsed to integrate Conductor with other third-party systems using Webhook.