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Get Workflow

Get workflow is an operator task that retrieves the workflow execution details using the workflow ID.


"name": "get_workflow",
"taskReferenceName": "get_workflow_ref",
"inputParameters": {
"id": "e27cf59c-0851-11ef-9a82-c62f15439f28",
"includeTasks": true
"type": "GET_WORKFLOW",

Input Parameters

idProvide the workflow ID of the workflow. You can also pass this parameter as a variable.
includeTasksSet this to true or false, depending on whether to retrieve the task details or not.

You can get the workflow details only if you have at least read permission to the workflow. Otherwise, the workflow fails with an error message like this:

Error message on having no access to workflow execution

Output Parameters

The workflow output gives all the details of the retrieved workflow. View an example here.


  1. Add task type Get Workflow.
  2. Provide the workflow ID.

Get workflow task from UI