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The inline task helps execute necessary logic at the workflow run-time using an evaluator. The two supported evaluator types are javascript and graaljs.


"name": "inline_task_example",
"taskReferenceName": "inline_task_example_ref",
"type": "INLINE",
"inputParameters": {
"expression": "(function () {\n return $.value1 + $.value2;\n})();",
"evaluatorType": "graaljs",
"value1": 1,
"value2": 2

Input Parameters

evaluatorTypeChoose the type of evaluator. Supported evaluators are graaljs & javascript. Graaljs evaluates the expression using graaljs, and javascript evaluates the expression using nashorn to compute the value.
expressionIndicates the expression associated with the type of evaluator. For the javascript evaluator, the Javascript evaluation engine is used to evaluate the expression defined as a string. It must return a value. For the graaljs evaluator, graalvm is used to evaluate the expression.

Besides the expression, any of the properties in the input values is accessible as $.value for the expression to evaluate.


  1. Add task type Inline.
  2. Write the inline script using Javascript.

Adding wait task


The JSON definition shows a string format of the script; however, on the UI, it will retain the formatting we used and is more readable.