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View Workflow Executions

In this article, we will learn how to view workflow executions via the UI.

Viewing a Workflow Execution

Refer to Searching Workflows to filter and find an execution you want to view. Click on the workflow id hyperlink to open the Workflow Execution Details page.

The following sub-tabs are available to view the details of the Workflow Execution.

Tab NameDescription
TasksShows a view with the sub tabs Diagram, Task List and Timeline
Tasks > DiagramA visual view of the workflow and its tasks.
Tasks > Task ListTabular view of the task executions under this workflow. If there were failures, we will be able to see that here
Tasks > TimelineShows the time each of the tasks took for execution in a timeline view
SummarySummary view of the workflow execution
Workflow Input/OutputShows the input and output payloads of the workflow. Enable copy mode to copy all or parts of the payload
JSONFull JSON payload of the workflow, including all tasks, inputs and outputs. Useful for detailed debugging.

Viewing a Workflow Task Detail

From both the Tasks > Diagram and Tasks > Task List views, we can click to see a task execution detail. This opens a flyout panel from the side and contains the following tabs.

Tab NameDescription
SummarySummary info of the task execution
InputTask input payload - refer to this tab to see computed inputs passed into the task. Enable copy mode to copy all or parts of the payload
OutputShows the output payload produced by the executed task. Enable copy mode to copy all or parts of the payload
LogAny log messages logged by the task worked will show up here
JSONComplete JSON payload for debugging issues
DefinitionTask definition used when executing this task

Execution Path

An exciting feature of Conductor is the ability to see the exact execution path of a workflow. The executed paths are shown in green and are easy to follow, like the example below. The alternative paths are greyed out for reference.

Conductor UI - Workflow Run

Errors will be visible in the, UI as below.

Conductor UI - Failed Task