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Inline Task

"type": "INLINE"


The inline task helps execute necessary logic at the workflow run-time using an evaluator. There are two supported evaluators as of now:

javascriptEvaluate Javascript expressions using nashorn and compute the value.
graaljsEvaluate Javascript expressions using graaljs and compute the value.

Use Cases

Consider a scenario where we have to run simple evaluations in the Conductor server while creating Workers. An inline task can be used to run these evaluations using an evaluator engine.


"name": "inline_task_example",
"taskReferenceName": "inline_task_example",
"type": "INLINE",
"inputParameters": {
"value": "${workflow.input.value}",
"evaluatorType": "javascript",
"expression": "function e() { if ($.value == 1){return {\"result\": true}} else { return {\"result\": false}}} e();"

The following are the parameters in the above example:

  1. "evaluatorType" - Type of the evaluator. Supported evaluators: graaljs, javascript, which evaluates the javascript expression.

  2. "expression" - Expression associated with the type of evaluator. For the javascript evaluator, the Javascript evaluation engine is used to evaluate the expression defined as a string. Must return a value.

Besides the expression, any of the properties in the input values is accessible as $.value for the expression to evaluate.

The task output can then be referenced in downstream tasks like


Examples in Codelabs

  • Task to Domain A/B testing - This workflow uses the JavaScript Math.random() to decide an outcome - either send the next task to the main worker or to the worker named 'Doug.'