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Terminate Workflow Task



TERMINATE_WORKFLOW is a task used to terminate one or more workflows using workflow IDs.

Use Cases

Consider a use case where you want to terminate a long-running workflow (or a set of workflows) from another, unrelated workflow.


Input Configuration

workflowIdEither a workflow ID or a list of workflow IDs.
terminationReasonOptional text used to update the reason for the workflows being terminated.

Output Configuration

Task output will contain the field "terminatedWorkflows", which is a set of workflow IDs corresponding to the workflows that were terminated.


Sample task

"name": "terminate_workflow_example",
"taskReferenceName": "terminate_wfs_1",
"inputParameters": {
"workflowId": ["0ea3b193-7268-4886-aa97-d6ed170de854", "${workflow.input.idProvidedFromWorkflowInput}"],
"terminationReason": "Custom reason for termination"