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The Wait task is used when the workflow needs to be paused for an external signal to continue. It is used when the workflow needs to wait and pause for external signals, such as a human intervention (like manual approval) or an event coming from an external source, such as Kafka or SQS.


"name": "wait_task",
"taskReferenceName": "wait_task_ref",
"type": "WAIT",
"inputParameters": {
"duration": "x days"

Input Parameters

Wait typeIndicates the type of wait period. Supported types include duration, until, and signal.
  • duration - Specifies the wait duration in the format x hours x days x minutes x seconds. The accepted units in this field are days, d, hrs, hours, h, minutes, mins, m, seconds, secs, and s.
  • until - Used to wait until a specified date & time, including the timezone. The date/time can be supplied in the format: yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm. For example, 2023-02-17 03:15 GMT+04:00.
  • signal - Can be configured if the workflow needs to wait for an external signal, such as a manual approval or an event from an external source, such as SQS or Kafka.


  1. Add task type Wait.
  2. Select the type of wait and its configuration.

Adding wait task

Simple Example

The following wait task waits until Dec 25, 2025 9 am PST. Yes that's right 2025!

"taskType": "WAIT",
"inputParameters": {
"until": "2025-12-25 09:00 PST"