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A system task to send alerts to Opsgenie in the event of workflow failures. This task can be used in conjunction with the Query Processor task, which fetches metadata details to trigger alerts to Opsgenie as required.


"name": "ops_genie_task",
"taskReferenceName": "ops_genie_task_ref",
"inputParameters": {
"alias": "${workflow.input.opsGenieAlias}",
"description": "${query_processor_ref.output.result.workflowsUrl}",
"visibleTo": "${workflow.input.opsGenieVisibleTo}",
"message": "Failed Worklows detected",
"responders": "${workflow.input.opsGenieResponders}",
"details": {},
"priority": "${workflow.input.opsGeniePriority}",
"entity": "${workflow.input.opsGenieEntity}",
"tags": "${workflow.input.opsGenieTags}",
"actions": "${workflow.input.opsGenieActions}",
"token": "${workflow.secrets.OPS_GENIE_TOKEN}"
"type": "OPS_GENIE",

Input Parameters

aliasSpecify the user-defined alias that will be created in Opsgenie when alerts are triggered. Alias are user-defined identifiers for alerts, limited to a maximum of 512 characters in Opsgenie.
descriptionSpecify the description related to the alert. The description is limited to 15,000 characters in Opsgenie.
visibleToSpecify the users in Opsgenie who can view the alerts.
respondersSpecify the names of the responders to be notified on creating this alert.
messageSpecify the message to be displayed in the Opsgenie. This field can be leveraged to quickly give an overview of the alert.
prioritySet the priority of the alert.
entitySpecify the domain the alert is related to, such as the server's name or application.
tagsSpecify the tags to be added for the alerts in Opsgenie.
actionsSpecify the Opsgenie actions to be executed on the alert.
tokenSpecify the API token to integrate with your Opsgenie account. Refer to the official Opsgenie documentation to get the API keys.
cacheConfigEnabling this option allows saving the cache output of the task. On enabling you can provide the following parameters:
  • TTL (in seconds) - Provide the time to live in seconds.You can also pass this parameter as variables.
  • Cache Key - Provide the cache key, which is a string with parameter substitution based on the task input. You can also pass this parameter as variables.


  1. Add task type Opsgenie.
  2. Configure the query parameters.

Adding OpsGenie Task

Have a look at the workflow alerting example with Opsgenie for a detailed example of leveraging this task.