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LLM Get Document

A system task to retrieve the content of the document provided and use it for further data processing using AI tasks.


"name": "get_document_task",
"taskReferenceName": "get_document_task_ref",
"inputParameters": {
"url": "${workflow.input.url}",
"mediaType": "application/pdf"
"type": "GET_DOCUMENT"

Input Parameters

urlProvide the URL of the document to be retrieved.

Check out our documentation on how to pass parameters to tasks.
mediaTypeSelect the media type of the file to be retrieved. Currently, supported media types include:
  • application/pdf
  • text/html
  • text/plain
  • json


  1. Add task type LLM Get Document.
  2. Provide the document URL and choose the media type.

LLM Get Document Task